Sunday, 6 November 2011

Cell phones

Cell phones are very popular in the present time, given how you can call anyone who has a phone anytime from anywhere as long as you have network coverage. Cell phones enable us to connect to a friend or relative thousands of miles away. Cell phones can become vital when in an emergency. Cell phones are another invention that has changed our lives. Coupled with the web, a cell phone can hold endless opportunities.

A cell phone has many advantages. One of them is that you can be reached anywhere and that you can call anyone in the world. This enables us to be in contact with people in case of an emergency and when you are away from your office. Business people don’t have to be glued to their laptops and desktops. They can work on their cell phone and send important emails while travelling. Cell phones are also vital in letting people know about big changes and big news in the world. When you are travelling, you may not be aware of an accident that has happened in your company; with the help of the cell phone you can be regularly updated. Cell phones equipped with internet gives us many more things to do with our cell phones like browsing the net, chatting to friends abroad, checking emails etc. Also the fact that a camera is also included in the phone makes it better to take pictures when travelling and when your digital camera has run out of battery.
Cell phones do however have disadvantages and one of the biggest is that it invades your privacy. You cannot be left alone. Cell phones has also decreased our will to plan the things ahead of time because we know that even if we are little late, we can always tell the other person to wait for x time by using a cell phone. As cell phones nowadays do have internet, all the disadvantages of the internet also come in play. People using cell phones can be very disruptive and that can spoil your mood when in a restaurant or in a movie. Having a camera in your phone can mean rude and disturbing pictures to be taken and then posted on the web. This can lead to people being depressed and can lead to bad experiences.
Cell phones are an important tool of communication but they should be used with caution. As with everything, correct use of cell phones will result in life being made easier for you. Cell phones can be a life saver and a menace depending upon the circumstances and the way in which a cell phone is used.

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